In the eighties I bought my first underwarter camera - a Nikonos IVa. This 35mm film camera was a a great additon to my diving kit, but it was a steep learning curve, and it took quite a while before I started producing reasonable photos. Some of these appear in the earliest log entries on this site. Since I started diving again I've used a GoPro video camera to record each dive. Being able to leave the camera running for the entire dive is very handy, and it is small enough that I find that it doesn't get between me and what I am seeing on the dive. Having another diver along to spot the things I miss if I am focussed on what is going on in front of me helps as well.

After the dive, the footage is edited, stills are captured (if there are any suitable frames available), and then added to my log. The main texts we use when working out what it is that we have seen on a dive are listed below. We find that knowing more about the life we see on a dive greatly enhances our appreciation and enjoyment of the dive sites we visit. I've found that this lets me give much more detailed information about what was seen on the dive, and watching the videos and photos again later refreshes my memories of that dive...


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