In 1985 one of our club members suggested that we hold a fund-raising activity for the Truganina Country Fire Authority brigade, to help get them back on their feet after an arsonist burned down their station and trucks. After a bit of head scratching, we decided to do a marathon dive. I was able to get the management of the Box Hill pool to agree to let us use the pool to keep a number of members in the water in relay over a 24 hour period. Melbourne Diving Services lent us a Hookah unit, and I was able to duck back the the shop during the night to fill tanks as needed. I had some plastic cards, so we were able to play poker, and patience, and some people even tried knitting...

I can't remember how much we raised over the weekend, but I do recall that we were able to make a sizeable donation to the Truganina CFA at the end of it all.

Many of our club members owned boats, and we were able to run many dives around the bottom end of the bay.

During 1984 and 1985 we also held a number of club nights at restaurants around Melbourne.