After completing my initial teacher training I spent a few years working (initially full-time and later part-time) for Box Hill Ski, which during Summer operated as Diversworld. I was employed to look after the diving side of the business, but I also worked in the ski shop during Winter.

I bought a Nikonos IV-A camera, and a strobe (I think it was a Sea&Sea model), and some wet macro lenses that could be added to the 28mm lense that came with the camera, and started learning how to take photos underwater.

I used Ektachrome and Kodachrome slide films, and slowly started to take better photos, though most of them were terrible. The images below are the only ones I kept from 1982, so given the quality of these you can imagine how bad most of them were :-)

Buying the film, and paying for processing was an expensive business, so it took quite a while before I could get more than a couple of shots in a roll that I was happy with.