Poor weather on weekends meant that it's been almost a month sinbce our last dive. This time Kirsty and I did a shore entry at Rye Pier. We had tried for Blairgowrie, but the car park was well and truly overflowing, so we moved to Rye instead. The new diving platform hasn't been completed yet. The piles are in, but it looks like it might be a month or so before it is finished, so the only options were to walk in through the shallows, or do a high entry off the pier. The shallows seemed to be the more attractive option, although the Northerlies did create quite a swell to get through as we moved out past the two sandbars. Surprisingly, visibility was very good once we got out into deeper water.

We spotted several different species of Leatherjackets, some of them quite large, a Senator Wrasse, a Big Bellied Seahorse, a Short-tailed Ceratosoma nudibranch, quite a lot of Squid, and a big school of East Australian Salmon patrolling about half way along the pier. I filmed one of the Salmon pushing a smaller Leatherjacket through the water on the tip of its nose. Not sure if this was playfullness, harrassment, or working out whether it was good to eat :-)

Divers: Kirsty Batchelor, Peter Batchelor

Weather/Sea: 10 Kt Northerly.
Visibility: 5 - 9 Metres.
Water temperature: 19°C.
Maximum depth: 4.8 metres.
Time of entry: 10:35
Duration: 95 minutes.