We originally went to Flinders and set up there, but other divers there said that the conditions were terrible, so we decided to go to Rye instead. The visibility was great, and there was lots to see. A wide vriety of Leatherjackets, Old Wives, Sweep, Moonlighters, and a large Smooth Ray feasting on the gutted remains thrown over the side from a fising charter boat tied up at the pier. I spotted another Barber Perch, and lots of Pygmy Leatherjackets on this dive. We alsop saw a small Cuttlefish under the Eivion.


Divers: Kirsty Batchelor, William Batchelor, Peter Batchelor

Weather/Sea: Calm.
Visibility: 5 - 8 metres.
Water temperature: 18°C.
Maximum depth: 8 metres.
Time of entry: 13:06
Duration: 85 minutes.