Diving with Dive Victoria at Pope's Eye, followed by a snorkle at Chinaman's Hat with Australian Fur Seals. Lots of life at Pope's Eye, and a great variety of species to look at, including blue throated parrot fish, scaly fins (that would attack you if you got too interested in their territory), magpie perch, leatherjackets, ornate cowfish, senator wrasse, old wives, blacktipped bullseyes, sea carp, shaw's cowfish, moonlighters, and a big-headed gurnard perch. As it was a flood tide we only looked at the back of the annulus.

Divers: Peter Batchelor, Kirsty Batchelor, Amelia Batchelor, William Batchelor

Weather/Sea: Slight seas, flood tide.
visibility: 10 metres +.
Water temperature: 20°C.
Maximum depth: 11.1 metres.
Time of entry: 10:50.
Duration: 43 minutes.