I checked my phone before heading to bed, to see if the aurora had shown up, and yes, it had. So, we headed off to the Red Bluff cliffs and took a number of shots on my Canon 450D and a Tokina F2.8 lens, at ISO 1600. Most images at 10 seconds.  I think that I can safely say that this has ticked viewing a good aurora off my bucket list. In fact, it is unlikely that I will see the like of this again, as this aurora is among the top 20 Great Storms of the past 500 years (see the spaceweather.com article from 17 May 2024).

IMG 9559

Aurora Australis, from Sandringham, Victoria, Australia, 10pm Saturday 11 May. First time in 50 years that I've seen the aurora, and it was even better than these images  when we were walking down to the beach!


At 12:30am on May 12th I thought I would head to the park across the road from our home in Sandringham, Victoria, to see it the aurora was still active. It certainly was!

Canon 450D, Tokina F2.8 lens, ISO 1600. First three images at 2 seconds, the remaining images at 10 seconds.