We were down at Northcote High School helping out with their latest astronomy evening, showing people Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn, but when the moon rose over the buildings my telescope spent pretty much the rest of the evening pointing at it. Anyone with a camera on their phone was able to get great photos, even allowing for a lack of contrast - there were no shadows to highlight the craters and mountains.

What a difference 37 years makes! Back when I was first trying to take photos of the moon, using a telescope borrowed from the science department at Burwood Teachers College, and an old Pentax SLR, the focus was always hit and miss, and I could never tell whether the photos were going to be any good until the film had been developed. Now just about anyone can get much better photos, just by holding their phone up to the eyepiece, and if the shot isn't quite right you can take another one straight away.

Here's one that I took on 18 August with my phone.

full moon Thursday 18 August 2016