The following Italian WebQuests will give you some resources to use in your own classes, and hopefully inspire you to create your own WebQuests.

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Italian Renaissance Art Project -
You are part of a group of artists dedicated to understanding Italian Renaissance Art. You will analyze the painting techniques used by Italian painters throughout the Renaissance. Each artist in your group of four will examine the art work.

Una Citta in Italia WebQuest -
Your parents have agreed to let you spend Spring vacation on a school sponsored trip to Italy. They expect you to keep a journal and bring back a variety of information about the city. They have promised to arrange a family vacation in your favorite Italian city if your materials are extensive enough to persuade them.

Discover the Renaissance -
Your Mission is to leap into the life of a character listed below. Find out as much as possible about your character including social status, daily life, talents and occupation.

The Legacy of Rome -
"Latin is dead as dead as it can be. First it killed the Romans; then it killed me." How true is this statement? Take a look at the legacy of Rome and its influence upon the world as it embarks on the twenty-first century.

Giuseppe Verdi - A WebQuest -
The International Association of Music Historians (IAMH) is the organization responsible for approving nominees for induction into the "Composers Hall of Fame." Nominees must be thoroughly investigated prior to being voted upon by the membership of the IAMH. You have been hired to investigate the following nominee and present a report on your discoveries at the upcoming IAMH Annual Convention.

Italian Landscapes -
Visiting the beautiful country of Italy via the Internet and through other extended research, you will explore a variety of towns and landscapes that characterize the Italian culture. Along with this tour, you will gain a greater knowledge of the geography of Italy and peek into their culture as an ancient people.

Math in Italy -
By using the suggested resources, you will have the opportunity to acquire a better understanding of mathematics through the viewpoint of the Italian culture. Please visit the internet sites and read the accounts of the people and events you will find there. You can pretend to travel back in time and imagine yourself as being there and try to experience Italy and the math they used.

Celebrating Cultures With Tomie dePaola -
Have you ever been to Ireland? How about Italy? Where in the world is the Nile River? What do you say we find out and let's have Tomie dePaola's books kick us off! You will read 3 Tomie dePaola books, then choose your favorite. Based on the book you choose, you will be put into a group along with other students who chose that book as their favorite. Your group will then prepare a PowerPoint presentation as well as a portfolio to show the class the different things you have learned about the country your group chose.

Italy Travel Brochure WebQuest -
Congratulations! You have just been hired by Crusader Marketing and Research Company. Your first assignment will be to work with a team of other newly hired marketers in designing a travel brochure that will be sold to the number one travel agency in the state, Horace Mann Travelers. This agency is looking for specific brochure packets for the following Italian cities: Rome, Florence, Naples, Venice. Each team will be randomly assigned to one of the above locations.

What does it mean to be Australian? -
Who are Australians? Where have they come from? In which ways do we perceive our 'Australianess'? Would we all answer these questions in the same way? Each group member must research and answer the question from a different perspective: Vietnamese; Aboriginal; Greek; Italian; British/Irish; New Zealand. Each group member will consider what it must be like to be a representative of our diverse population.

Some Sources of Information to use in your own WebQuests